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“When a post on my neighborhood online forum showed up about a stray pug in need of help, I felt compelled to do something. As a longtime pug parent and lover of the breed, I knew this soul needed intervention as pugs do especially poorly in a shelter environment. Once I contacted Hooks Homebound Rescue, they sprang right into action even coming to Long Beach where the pug was now at my house as his initial rescuer, who had tried to find a possible owner thru posts, etc., was heading out of town for the Holiday weekend and I offered to help with finding a place for this pug.


Blaze Thall, founder of Hooks Home Bound Rescue came himself to assess the pug and decided to take him into their rescue right away. I was so pleased for as much as I wanted to keep him myself I already had 4 dogs. Hooks Home Bound Rescue reassured me this pug would be headed for a healthy and loving fur-ever home. I have heard they have already found such for this pug known as Arthur. Thanks ever so!”

 Jill Lachman, ever so grateful for your assistance

“You are a prime example of what animal rescue is all about. Rescuing a dog(s) is not about merely capturing or trapping them just to gain some sort of "hero status" Rescuing a dog(s) means first understanding what rescue means - FREEING from evil or danger. With this said, for anyone to FREE a dog from such, one must be aware of not only any potential hazards/risks/consequence lie ahead as a result, but also one has to understand that there are going to be other factors that will come into play regarding that dog as well.


“Only a TRUE rescuer will go out (of) their way, putting themselves in the way of whatever evil or harm for that dog without a second thought. But the actual rescue itself can only begin once that dog(s) becomes aware of this and then allows that person to help. The only way a dog will ALLOW any human to help them is through TRUST. With this said, Blaze, you are a prime example of knowing what rescue is all about. It is in your blood.”

Mashelle M. Stuart

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