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Welcome to Hooks Home Bound Rescue!

Dear Applicant,

We are glad you could join us in saving lives! We at Hooks Home Bound Rescue are here to save man and mans’ best friends in Southern California. In doing this, we push for tow truck driver safety and safety and proper ownership of all our pets.


We are thankful you wish to be a hero and open your heart and home to help one or more of our lovely pets. Without you, lives could not be saved! Being a new parent, you open the door to a forever home for our lovely pets.


The attached document, your adoption application, would need to be completed in its entirety. With the completion and receipt of your application, we can process your availability to be a new parent for any of our pets. When completed please click submit at the bottom of the page and the system will send your application to us.


When approved, via your application, a representative will be in contact with you for an interview to arrange a home check. This home check is to ensure the atmosphere, home, and yard are proper for the perspective pet.


Thank you for opening your home and heart and being a hero today!

Adoption Application Form

Personal information*

Family Members

Name of significant other


Employment if retired put "retired"




Do you agree to a background check at anytime
Do you understand that every organization has their own policies and procedures for adopting out an animal. We pride ourselves in finding the best pets for the best homes. our policies and procedures ensures we find the best qualified homes for our pets
Have you been charged, or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor associated with Animal Abuse or Neglect within the last seven (7) years?*
Have you ever been charged or convicted of any violent crime?


Home Information

Which best describes your home?
Is your home rented?
Do you have home owners/renters insurance?
What type of fencing (containment) do you have

Pets in home

Are there any animals currently in the household?
Have all the animals in the household been vaccinated against rabies?
Have your dog(s) been vaccinated against Parvo?
Does your indoor/outdoor animal get monthly flea medications?
Has each of your animals been permanently sterilized(neutered, spayed, zeutered)?
Have all your animals been micro-chipped?

Vehicle Information

Pet Ownership Questionnaire

Have you ever transported an animal before?
Have you ever owned or cared for a difficult/senior animal?
What size animal are you looking for?
What Sex would you like in your new animal?
Are you aware that many cities or insurance companies have laws forbidding certain breeds of animals and/or restrictions for certain breeds of animals?
Do you understand what is abuse when it comes to abuse to animals?
Will you care for this animal as if it was a family member?
Will you allow this animal you wish to adopt full access to your home?


Statement of facts The following questions are for legal purposes and will be used to legalize this contract. All questions must be answered!

By checking I certify that the information I have supplied above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also agree that any false statements may result in nullifying this application. I further understand that this application is the property of Hooks Home Bound Rescue Inc and will be retained by them.
I permit Hooks Home Bound Rescue Volunteers or staff to contact any and all persons or companies listed above at any time after filing this application! I give full permission for the individuals/company's listed above to release all clasified information about me, my policies or any other information on my behalf.I agree that by signing I certify that the information provided is true and that any false statement may result in denial of my application!**
I give Hooks Home Bound Rescue complete right to run a full intense background check on me to ensure the safety and care of the animal i wish to adopt! I agree by checking this box Hooks Home Bound Rescue can take the following printed name as my electronic signature and use this signature for any and all legal matters!*

If your application has been received look for message here:

Thank you for submitting Your application! We will be in touch with you shortly! You are on your way to being a rescue roadside Hero!

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