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Hooks Home Bound Rescue could not run smoothly unless each department runs the best they can.

Each Department is ran by the volunteers that are trained in their field of expertise and here to help you!

You too could be part of one of these great departments!

Volunteer Department

Our Staff is 100% volunteer. This department is managed by our Volunteer Coordinator. This person over sees the volunteers and make sure all volunteers are provided what they need and everything runs smoothly. Volunteers are trained and cared for as they are the life of the rescue. Without our awesome volunteers, we would not have a rescue.  Volunteers can participate in many different departments of the rescue including maintenance, office duties, and working with the animals. So rest assured, if one task or department does not fit your abilities, there is others to try! We also strive to award and promote our hard working volunteers. If this sounds interesting to you, please reach out. We are always looking for more volunteers!

Foster Department

Our rescue is primarily foster based. We have a Foster coordinator that over sees each foster and makes sure our foster parents have exactly what they need to provide for their foster baby. The foster department also consists of the the foster parents themselves.  Without fosters willing to open their homes to these precious fur-babies, our rescue would not be able to help as many animals as we do.  Since many of our animals come from shelters, off the streets, or abusive situations, fosters provide these amazing animals a chance to decompress, adapt, and learn how to be a pet again. Fosters are essential for these animals to transition into being ready for their forever homes. If this sounds like something you might be willing to do, please contact us. We always need more loving foster homes. 

Financial Department

Ran by a Financial Coordinator, this department is vital for a smooth operation. The financial department keeps track of what donations come in and what expenses go out. Each donation received is tracked, recorded, and dispersed to the correct department. This department also tells the rescue when it is time for a fundraiser to be held or how well the last fundraiser went. The Financial Department is how we can continue to be non-Profit and make sure all funds goes to appropriate activities.

Maintenance Department

Maintenance Department is necessary for the well being of our animals and our volunteers. Anytime something breaks or becomes a hazard is noted, a report is written up and filed. It is the maintenance department's responsibility to make sure that report is followed up on and the reported item is repaired or remedied until a repair is able to be made. Our maintenance department also builds some of our great items for adoption events. If you have mindset to be handy we can use you here,

SDMO Department

The SDMO Department promotes the Slow Down Move Over Law. Hooks Home Bound Rescue strives to educate the public on this very necessary law. Many people know when you see flashing light while driving, you slow down and move over. However, many do not know this law includes Tow Trucks.  So many tow operators (Hooks) die or get injured on the job everyday because people do not follow this simple law.  It is now as many as 1 in every 4 and a half days another tow operator is killed while trying to help someone on the side of the road. The SDMO department will be putting on events in the future and will continue to make this law known. So please - do your part! Slow down, Move over! 

Marketing and advertising Department

If you have seen a post or heard an ad on the radio about us or an event we are holding, this is the department that is responsible for those ads and posts. With out this department promoting our rescue, we wouldn't be where we are today. Now a days, word of mouth just isn't enough to get a name known. This department continues to find new and exciting ways to promote our rescue. If you have ideas you would like to share, please contact us. We are always open to doing events to promote our services and our amazing animals.    

Animal Welfare Department

Animal Welfare is the most important department of our rescue. Our Animal Welfare coordinator and volunteers, work day in and day out to make sure each and every one of our animals have everything they need to be happy and healthy. This department is responsible for animal enrichment, basic care, and medical for each animal.

This department is usually the entry level for our volunteers. It may be hard work and not always play time in this department, but it is necessary for the well being for each animal. Just remember - you put the time and effort in now, you will be rewarded and promoted to new departments if you desire to be in higher departments. 

Adoption Department

Adoption Department is where the magic happens. Once someone is interested in an animal, the adoption process begins.  This department is responsible for checking for applications, processing each application including calling references, setting up and participating in meet-n-greets, and doing home checks. If everything checks out, the animal and adoption file is placed in a 30 day Foster To Adopt placement (also known as FTA). This department works closely with the Foster Department during this time to make sure the FTA parent is following guidelines. The adoption department also works with the animal welfare department to ensure the animal is medically ready to be adopted.  If all procedures are followed, the adopter and the animal is medically cleared by the animal welfare department, the adoption department goes into its final stage.  This is where the adoption department reaches out to the adopter to express the FTA is coming to an end and to see if they wish to continue adopting the animal. If they wish to continue, the department puts together an adoption book for the adopter with all contracts, medical information, plus much more and sets up a time for finalize the adoption. The final adoption contract is signed, the adoption book is given to the adopter, and fur-baby is officially theirs. 

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees has utmost duty to protect the organization's best interests through decisions made on its behalf. Our rescue has several amazing people on it's board, that strive to do what's best for the rescue as a whole.  While the staff and volunteers focus on the everyday tasks and decisions, the board of trustees focuses on larger and broader decisions that affect the organization and keeps bigger decisions from being made by only one or a couple of the staff. They are also responsible for creating and upholding the bylaws for our rescue. Without these amazing people the rescue could not grow for the better of the public and animals in their care.  

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