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Foster Department

The Foster Department is a branch of Volunteers that spend time at home suppling a temporary home for the dog. Inside the Foster Department we arrange with each foster all supplies needed to care for their foster animal. We do this so the Foster does not have to  worry about anything but giving a loving home to our Foster animal. 

The Foster Application is where we review our new possible fosters. This is the beginning to the process

As a family fosters an animal with us they must sign a waiver release form.

Fosters become privileged to some files that can not be released to the public. this agreement advises them that some information can not be released to the public.

This Foster agreement is the agreement made between the foster family and our organization to foster an animal with us. 

At times we request that each foster take a video or photo of the family with their foster animal. These photos or videos may be released to public to network the animal. this waiver allows us to do just that.

Each Foster home is inspected and re-inspected on various occasions. to do this inspection a "Home Check" must be done to its entirety. 

Each Foster Home does a special thing for our rescue and we want to ensure each foster is Thank appropriately.

As we close a foster-ship for an animal in a foster Home the Foster Home will receive a certificate of foster-ship for that animal.

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