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Volunteer Department

With out you and the great work you do in the Volunteer Department our Rescue can not thrive and be the best it can be.

You are our Hero's as you Volunteer with us. 


Below you will find those quick links you as a volunteer may need to perform some of your duties with us!

We hope this page is able to assist you in advancing in our Rescue!


Hero Quick Links

Volunteer Application-fill in this document as you look to volunteer with us. or as you get others to volunteer with us. 

Volunteer Agreement- this is your current updated agreement with us as you volunteer your time. 

Volunteer Time sheet-please print and fill in this document to turn in your volunteer hours. turn in date is on Wednesday of every week. 

This is the confidentiality Agreement you must sign with us as you volunteer and enter new positions with us.

A signed copy of this document allows up to take, review and post any photo/video of you and your represntatives. Be advised closed circuit cameras are connected as our location and at various contract locations. best to act as if you are on camera all the time.

Even though we enforce a safe working environment accidents happen. A signed copy of the Release Waiver, releases us of liability if things were to happen. Be advised we are dealing with animals with different behaviors and temperments.

If at any time we need to release a new Thank you letter to our volunteers we will do so under the Volunteer Coordinator. If at anytime you may need a report of your hours volunteered the Volunteer Coordinator can get that for you. 

A certificate of appreciation is given to each volunteer and sponsor after certain steps are followed in the rescue!

We are proud when we are able to give out our letter of Appreciation to those volunteers, fosters and sponsors who help us. It comes with great pride to be able to send these letters out.

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