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Hooks Home Bound Rescue can help you get your pet Micro-chipped! If you live in San Bernardino County and Riverside County we will come to you to Micro-chip your dog or cat with free registration! 

Questions and Answers 

What is a Micro-chip?

A Micro-chip is about the size of a grain of Rice! When inserted properly in your pet it can assist in the recovery of your pet if it ever gets lost! 

Is a Micro-chip a gps locator?

NO, A micro-chip does have a unique code that can be read by a scanner to allow shelters, rescues or vets to get your contact information when they scan your pet!

Does Micro-chipping my pet hurt my pet?

Our rescue uses the smallest micro-chips out on the market today! With this being said the needle to insert the chip is about the size of a vaccine needle. Most pets do not even realize the needle is inserted in their skin let alone when the chip is inserted. Once inserted the pet rarely knows the chip is inside them! 

Does a Micro-chip move in my pets body?

On very rare occasions a Micro-chip may migrate through out the body but it can still be detected by the proper tools! if a Micro-chip does migrate,  it will not interfere with any bodily function and will not go far from the injection site.

Does a Micro-chip ever need to "re-charged" or replaced?

Since there is no battery in a micro-chip it will never need to be "recharged"! Micro-chips are made to last the lifetime of your pet after insertion, so there should never be any reason to replace your micro-chip!

What is the importance of Micro-chipping?

Micro-chipping your pet and registering the Micro-chip to you is the number 1 way to prove ownership of any pet! If your pet ever gets lost or stolen with a micro-chip it can help find its way back to you!

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