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Welcome to the Services Department


Hooks Home Bound Rescue

The Services Department is here to assist you with your pets needs. 

Below you will find a list of services we offer and an application with that service. just click on the Button to apply for the need you wish to cover for your pet. if you require multiple services just click the bottom application to have multiple services all at once.

Spay or Neuter Assistance Program

Request Spay or Neuter financial assistance. We will assist you in finding Spay or Neuter assistance-Click Here for more information 

Micro-Chip Scanning Services

Have you found a pet and do not know if it is Micro-chipped? Send us a message and we can scan it for you! With the proper equipment a micro-chip can be found, if implanted, in the pet! 

Micro-Chipping Implant Services

Our Recue offers low cost Micro-Chipping and Free Registration


 Click Here to learn more on what a micro-chip is and why it is important to have.


On a limited basis we offer boarding of your pet- Learn more about our boarding policy

Bathing Services

We offer a bathing service based on your pet location, size and behavior


 Click here to learn more on our bathing services

Nail Clipping

If your Pet needs their nails clipped we can either come to you or help you set up a low cost appointment near you for your pet-


 click here to learn more

Low Cost shots 

Our program has access to many low cost clinics- We can assist you in setting an appointment and possibly taking your pet to this appointment for you- Click here to learn more


Need help transporting your pet to and from appointments apply today for transport assistance- learn more here



We will soon Be assisting you with Flights for your pet with a new great sponsor

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